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Get to Know: Faith

We love finding new music here at GATRS and we find it in all different crazy ways. So when Liam Grant of the up and coming Birmingham UK band Faith followed our Soundcloud account, we naturally had to check the band out.
We spent a few hours listening and discussing their song How Does It Feel To Own The Sun. With its straight forward guitar driven intro, Jason’s lusty vocals reminiscent of a young Pete Doherty, and the soft break that comes toward the end of the song, we both agreed these guys were on to something. So we decided to go straight to the band and talked to Jason to find out a bit more about them and their future plans.

Could you tell us how the band became to be?
We started out a few months back in April. Me and Liam are best friends and both share love for the same style of music and figured we could play abit too, so decided to get a band together. We knew Alex played guitar and both of us thought he was the coolest guy ever so to have him on rhythm was the perfect solution for us, Then with Connor we both met him at an house party and the three of us just clicked as we were the only guys there who enjoyed ‘real’ music, he told us that he was a wicked drummer so we asked him to play and it turns out he is! So in a nutshell there you have it, that’s how Faith started out
You have been locked up writing music lately. When it comes to writing, is it a whole band collaboration or is there one of you who usually writes the lyrics while another writes music?
When writing the songs, myself and Liam will sit and come up with a melody on the guitar, either together or on our own, and if we agree we like it, we pursue it and take it to practice, and the rest of the band put their own spin on it, I’ll write the lyrics, very slowly too might I add!
Have you given everything up for your music or do you still have day jobs?
I still work Monday-Friday, Liam is at 6th form studying, Alex works weekends whilst studying and Birmingham University during the week and Connor also works Monday-Friday. Although we seem a busy bunch we do have alot of time for the band and have set days and times where we will practice. But these are early days for us, if things got more serious then we would definitely consider leaving our day jobs to kick start the band off!
A lot of great bands are from the Birmingham area. Ozzy Osbourn, Duran Duran and recently Peace, one of my favorites, and Swim Deep. Did any of these bands influence you and if not who did?
We’re aware of the masses of talent that has came out of Birmingham in past times and also more recently, but we believe we can be right up there with them with the right push. Personally I’m a big admirer of the current scene in Birmingham right now with the Peace/Swim Deep thing but I don’t believe we’re particularly influenced by them as our music proves different
Future Plans? An EP? A full length album? Where do you go from here?
We want to put a 4 track EP out once we have gained some experience gigging and stuff, when that will be right now I have no idea, but it will happen.
Lastly, just a fun question we ask everyone. We all have that one song on our iPod. You know, the one that you don’t want to admit is on there? Be honest and tell us yours? Also..CD’s or vinyl??
I Downloaded an app at Christmas time and basically you got a free gift everyday on the days leading up to Christmas. One if the gifts was One Direction – Little Things and I’ve kept it on my phone, I have no idea why but its there! And CDs for me ( It’s ok Jason, we all have a bit of One Direction hid away on our iPods or phones )
Faith consists of Jason Payne, lead guitar and vocals; Alex Wise, Rhythm guitar; Liam Grant,bass guitar; and Connor Christie on the drums. You can find out more about them at

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