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Get to Know: FEVER

The four-piece band from South Hampton is composed of Connor Smith, Alex Hutchinson, Fraser Richmond, and Jamie Ford. They cast a unique sound that combines grunge rock, classic Britpop, and a wee bit of psychedelia. They have the ability to hook you with their lyrics and tremendous melodies. With the release of their newest single, they’ve been receiving well deserved recognition for yet another masterpiece.

Debut singles Shell Shock and Why were released last year. Shell Shock immediately pulls you in with its strong riffs, addictive chorus, and smoky vocals. It will surely have you listening to it on loop. Why slows things down a bit and creates a completely different vibe, one that is mellow and coastal. The hooks and back-up vocals will leave you wanting more, and if you haven’t heard it yet, I’d suggest giving it a quick listen. Their latest single, Sucker, was released just last week and already has gained loads of positive feedback. Its raging guitar and resonant drums are infectious, and frontman Connor Smith’s passionate, raw vocals leave a lasting affect over you.

FEVER inevitably have a very successful future ahead of them. From what I’ve heard, it’d be no surprise to me if they’d be playing sold-out stadiums within a couple of years. Hear the latest by following them on Sound Cloud and Facebook, and make sure to listen to Sucker below.

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