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Get to Know: House of Lions

One of my favorite bands has got to be House of Lions, a quintet from Camden, England. Due to their soulful vocals and upbeat melodies, I have completely fallen in love. The uprising five-piece is made up of Ed Vyvyan (Lead Vocals/Keys), Tom Rea (Lead Guitar), Dougal Gray (Rhythm Guitar/BVs), Will Ryder (Bass), and Jake Gidley (Drums). They have released two singles, Uncruel and Perfect Fool, which are both available on iTunes. Both singles are lovely, but my favorite song is probably Pair of Lights, the third track on the Perfect Fool EP, because it slows things down a bit, and it showcases beautiful vocals and guitar.

They have been gaining fans all over the U.K. with their sold out gigs and features on BBC’s Radio 2 and have a big announcement coming to us all very soon.
House of Lions are definitely starting to gain the credit they deserve and will be making it big one day. Make sure to give their music a much-needed listen and follow up with them through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Sound Cloud, and Tumblr.


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