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Get To Know: Misfires

A few days back we introduced you to the Swindon band Misfires in our Song Of The Day. Shortly after the post went live, we contacted them, or they contacted us..we can’t remember the logistics of it, but we began to get to know the band, and knew you needed to know them also. So of course we went in and interviewed them…..

 Tell us who you are and what each of you do in the band

Im Matt I play Guitar and Sing
Im Mert I play lead guitar
Im James and I hit things
Im Jake and I play bass and vocals

 How did the four of you get together and form a band

So… Matt knew James from college and at the time Matt was bored and James was in another band. Anyways one thing after another, Matt said to James, do you wanna join our band and he was like sure. Matt and Mert were part of the previous edition of bands, however neither of them knew each other to start with. Matt face booked Mert, saying wanna join a band I’m bored and i heard you’re a good guitarist. Mert said sorry do i know you? But fuck it yeah sure. We then had Jake in on the Bass, who went to college with James, and this is where we are now!
How did you working with Rob (Baker) come about

Rob picked up our songs from us promoting ourselves on social media, along with a few people banging on about us, just started as general chit chat, then he helped us find names in the industry to start annoying, because lets face it thats the only way you get signed 😉 then he came to our shows and yeah thats basically the whole story haha! Think Romeo and Juillette 😉 (** Probably not dudes….they died in the end)

You were said to be the best live act in the UK right now. What makes you different
From other live bands

Thats a good question. I mean our fan bases is basically like a family, or thats how we treat them, we know how important they are to us, how much they’ve supported us, and will continue to do so! As a live act the best way to describe it is a night out. We don’t host gigs that people stand around at. It’s very much a night out atmosphere. People turn up either drunk or partially there, bring their mates,  jump about, and sing their hearts out to our songs and then they go home buzzing. We don’t want our gig to be just another gig. I think for us as a band, it’s all about being  live and able to connect with people. For example, we had someone come to one of our gigs a few weeks ago, and spoke to Matt after the show and said  “Thank you, thats the happiest I’ve felt in months.” 

 You’ve obviously been performing a few shows. How do you prepare for a live show

Lots and Lots and Lots of Rehearsals. We usually practice from 10pm to 1am at least 3 times a week if we have shows coming up.

Do you have any pre-show rituals

A smoke and a pre gig fist pump, Jake often has a little jig as well

How do you engage with the crowd

Hmmm thats a really tough question. I guess we talk to em, pop a few dad jokes in there. Matt has this thing mid song, where he will just pick a random person and say something to them and that makes em buzz.  We also encourage rowdiness. You don’t go to a gig to just stand there, do you!!

For our readers who have not heard your music yet, tell them why they should be

You should listen to our music because its unique, the lyrics will mean something to you, but at the same time, be easy to sing along too.  You’ll be belting out our chorus in the shower after the first listen and every one loves a good sing along!!

 We know that right now you are unsigned. If for some reason you didn’t find a label
Would you continue on and take on the development of an album yourselves

For sure. If a deal never came, we’d invest and make an album ourselves. We’ve done a lot of things DIY as a band. As much as we’d love to be signed, if that didn’t happen, we’d just keep pushing and working as hard as we always do!

You are very driven for a young band, what do you hope to accomplish over the Next few years

Over the next few years we want to achieve as much as possible. I mean, we are the type of band that doesn’t stop working, that wouldn’t change. We’d love to tour the world, support some of our favourite acts, play some of the best festivals such as Reading and Leeds, SXSW etc. We also want to push for a record deal. Maybe get to a size that  could sell out arenas and play Glasto. Who knows, but for us its all about having that fanbase and having fans that will support us no matter how big things get.

Which comes first, the music or the lyrics

Our songwriting process is different to most bands.  Matt will come up with the chords and lyrics at the same time. It usually only takes 10 minutes for a song, and he must have hundred’s of unrecorded  unheard songs on his laptop haha! It then gets taken in to practice and the boys make it sound musically massive!!
 Do you write your lyrics from personal experiences or just ideas

Matt writes  lyrics from both personal and imaginative ideas, but they always have to connect. There’s nothing more we love than scrappy love songs, which is why all our songs are about girls, going down the boozer with your mates, or having arguments. I think thats the only time people really remember everything that happens, unless they’ve drank to much ofc. So its making those connections with people and writing something everyone can relate too!
How did your parents react when you woke up one day and said ” hey mom, dad I
Wanna be a rock star”

Our parents are so chilled out with it, they were just like… sure! you’ll only regret not trying

What is the pivotal point where you look at each other and say ” we have finally made it”

Im not really sure what the pivotal point will be. I think we all just want to work hard and push as much as possible,to see where we end up

I hate this question, because it’s always asked, but who influenced your music

We have a lot of influences, The Streets, James Brown, Kendrick Lamar, The Kooks, The Libs, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Catfish, Oasis and Stone Roses. Those are probably the main ones 

 You get to open for anyone in any venue in the world. Who and where

The Rolling Stones at Knebworth

 Fans are sending you pizza backstage. What toppings should be on it

Chicken, Bacon, BBQ Sauce or Pepperoni

Your stuck on a deserted island with a turntable and one album. What album is it

Hmm…. probably Robbie Williams. Just so we can annoy each other, but belt out Angels under the stars and palm trees

Three songs that are essential to any road trip

Get On Up – James Brown

 Chocolate – 1975

 In Da Club – 50 cent

( You kinda just won our hearts with the 50 Cent )

The most embarrassing song on your iPod or phone. We know you have one.

The Gummy Bear song. I don’t if you know that one?

( Yes. Yes, We do. That one might win the category )

Predictions on the Premier League Championship

United To Win

( Poor Mert 😉 )

Coke or Pepsi …..Coke
Beer or Liquor …..Beer/Jagermeister ( We will teach you the fine art of Vodka Tasting )

Vinyl or CDs….Vinyl
Chocolate or Vanilla …Chocolate
Dogs or Cats ….Dogs
Summer or Winter….Summer, because FESTIVALS



This hard working band have been busy growing a fan base and doing live shows, they have also sent us another song to feature  titled Coming Home. When we spoke to them about Coming Home, this is what we were told…

” It is about a girl from from our hometown of Swindon. The ins and outs of the song is  the girl being the reason you drink, but the one you want to go home too at the end of the night. However it has a twist of a love so torn that it falls apart leading too ‘I’m not coming home’

It wasn’t supposed to be recorded, we had written this song 2 weeks prior to recording it, we had the idea of going in to the studio with another song, which has been very successful live, but two days before we changed our mind and recorded Coming Home”

Listen below:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]
We fully think these Misfires have a huge future in front of them. Follow and find out more about Misfires on their Twitter and Facebook.

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