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Get To Know Modern Violence And Listen To Their New Song ” Good Friend “

We spoke to Jesse from Modern Violence about the band, their new single Good Friend and so much more…


 Tell us a short history of the band

We’ve been writing music together as MV for a little over a year and a half. A few of us have played in bands together in the past. Our whole friend group here in Jacksonville, FL has a handful of different projects in different genres, with different musician lineups. But this particular project was formed when our guitarist, Bobby Marino, moved down from CT. He is a lifelong friend of our keys player, John Shannon, who lucky for us convinced him to move down. I had wanted to write music with him for a while, so when he got settled here we all started getting in a room together and throwing songs back and forth.

 You have said you formed over a desire to create emo music. Describe the term emo in your own words

We love all emo music. What we grew up with, and still listen to is everything from Midwest Emo to mainstream “scream along in the car with your friends” emo. In the case of MV, the term “emo” feels appropriate because we are at times attempting to emulate the instrumentals of Midwest Emo, and also mainstream 2000s emo. Lyrically, our songs are very emotion based. All of our songs come from a true and honest place. The whole process of writing these songs is almost like it’s own therapy session to unpack and make sense of specific situations and feelings. So to us, the term “emo” means honest and vulnerable content.

. Name the one band you think not only had the most influence over your music but also your life

Oh man, this is tough. I think the most of us would agree on Manchester Orchestra. Andy Hull is just a monster songwriter, and their sound as a band will just never stop inspiring.

 What was the first song you remember hearing

“Somewhere over the rainbow,” sung by an elephant puppet on the end of my mother’s hand.

 Did you grow up in a musical family?

I didn’t. My family did love music though. Music just became a way for me to express myself and work out feelings. They definitely encouraged that.

Your newest song Good Friend dropped today. You have said it was about sibling rivalry, resentment, and insecurities between two brothers. Was the song written from personal experience?

This song did come from personal experience, but I don’t have any brothers (I have one sister ha). This song is about the guilt you feel towards family pressures as you get older and busier with building a career. It’s a little convoluted, but the whole song is based on those anxieties you feel, and fictionalized conversations you have with yourself based on projected resentment you think family is harboring against you.

 Tell our readers why they should be listening to Good Friend

I don’t think I have the salesman skills to properly pitch any personal project, but I will say that we are incredibly excited to be releasing recorded music, and it would be pretty tight to have people share that excitement with us!

 At what point did you realize you wanted to make music your career

I actually never considered making music my career. There’s only one person in this band that actually works in music as a career (keys player, John is a tour manager). But, for the most part, we all do approach this project and songwriting as we would a job. We make time for each other and take it seriously.

 As a band, what do you hope to achieve over the next few years

We really have no set expectations. This project is born out of love for the music and love for the genre. At this point, we’re just throwing these songs into the world and seeing how they are received. We already have a second EP written. We might push for a full LP. We would love to play some more local shows, and string together some out of town dates. For now, our main goals are to keep getting together, keep making music we’re proud of, and to keep having fun.

 Do you prefer being in the studio or on the stage?

I feel like this is probably a fluctuating answer for me, but right now I would say studio. It’s really just like the culmination of all the work we’ve put into writing. It takes a whole lot of energy to get everyone in the same room to write and get songs polished, so it almost feels dreamy to be in the process of immortalizing those efforts.

 Tell us what makes your live shows worth seeing?

We all absolutely love playing live. I like to think that we display a lot of love and energy through our live show, and I’d also like to think that whoever is watching can feel that.

What are three essential songs on a Modern Violence road trip

Cute Without the “E”- Taking Back Sunday (I’ll blow out my voice on this sing along every time) Living Together- Circa Survive
Never Meant- American Football

 While we do not think anyone should be embarrassed by any song they
listen to, we all have one song we might not really want to pull out in public at a party. What is yours?

Puppy Love- Lil’ Bow Wow. I still know every word.

 Parting words for our readers…

We’ve gotten so much love from listeners on our first single release off this EP. It’s always a great feeling when something you created is well received. We would love these songs either way, because they feel exactly the way we wanted them to feel. So it’s really nice to be able to share that feeling with others.

Listen to Good Friend:


Can we tell you how much we love the vocals in the song?? It is honestly our favorite part, the emotion that is shown in the singing is perfect for their chosen genre. Be sure to follow Modern Violence on their Facebook so you can keep up with upcoming shows and hopefully more music soon!!

Modern Violence is:

John Shannon,

Jesse Brantman,

Jeremy Blanton,

Mike VonBalson,

Bobby Marino




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