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Get To Know: Otherkin, A GATRS Interview

  Huge guitar riffs, driving drum beats and cleverly written lyrics delivered effortlessly by Luke Reilly, pack out each venue that Otherkin ( from Dublin ) play their version of indie, punk in. Their sound is massive, it is loud, and it is to be reckoned with.

Early gigs were played at college dorms and house parties, moving up to Dublin venue’s and then to the festival circuit, including Longitude and Electric Picnic in 2014. In early 2015 they released their debut single “Ay Ay”, and signed with Irish indie label Rubyworks. Many stages, and 2 Ep’s later they are ready to unleash their debut album, OK on the world.


I read that the band was founded in Toronto, how did all of you Dublin boys end up in Toronto at the same time to start a band?
It’s pretty common for Irish students to get J1 Visas for the summer and head off to the States or Canada to work. That’s what myself and the lads did and we all lived in a 10-man house. We spent our days drinking Lakers and jamming on the porch; very good times. It was also the birth of Otherkin really!

Your album is being released on September 29, tell our readers why they should purchase it?
If you miss the times when guitar music was simple, feel-good and thrilling then you’ll find a lot to love in this album. We wanted to translate the energy that we have when we play live onto our recording and we nailed it. It’s 12 tracks of foot-down, four-to-the-floor bangers.

How long did it take you to write the entire album?
We decided to start working towards the album mid-last year. We included a few songs that were written before that time but the majority of the album was written in the last year. We recorded the album over 20 days in December.

How much control did you have on the album, from the songs that are on the tracklist to the artwork?
Complete control! Our record label Rubyworks are amazing; sure, they help guide us and pitch in with decision making but they give us complete freedom when it comes to the nitty-gritty like album artwork and tracklisting. Our drummer Rob designs everything for the band so he actually conceived of the album artwork. What a guy!

When it comes to press, are you concerned by what they say or are you happy as long as you are happy with the work you put out?
I don’t think it’s worth dwelling too much on critical opinions of your output. You can’t please everybody and while it’s nice to have the approval of others, self-satisfaction with your work is the greatest reward.

Are you still sitting on songs that you didn’t use, that we might hear in the future?
We are actually! We recorded more songs that were used for the album, whether or not they see release someday we don’t know but there are other songs we had written that we really liked but didn’t think would fit the vibe of the record so we decided to put them in the bank!

When you play live, which song do you feel has the most impact on the audience?
Oooh, I’d say either Enabler or Yeah, I Know. Enabler has a bit more of a slinky groove than our other songs that lead into a huge drop of a chorus that really gets people bouncing. Yeah, I Know has this wild, feral riff that just seems to send people crazy. Shit always kicks off for those two songs.

What is one thing that has changed for the band as a whole since you started a few years back?
The health of our livers.

You have been touring a bit lately, what is one thing you feel you must have on tour with you?
Power banks are the new way! Everyone’s been stocking up on them in preparation for our upcoming monster tour.

Your top three road trip songs when you are touring?
Thee Oh Sees – The Dream, The Shoes – Time To Dance, All Saints – Pure Shores

Did growing up in Dublin have a large influence on your music, or did you tend to look elsewhere for influences?
Bit of both really. There are many amazing bands in Ireland but you rarely read about them in the likes of NME or Q magazine, so when we were younger it would be the bands that were featured heavily in publications like those that were really a part of the cultural moment that was 00s indie and these were the bands that were early influences on us.

What is your earliest memory of music?
Being around 4 years old and entertaining my extended family by singing Oasis and Blur songs to them! I’ve always been a bit of a peacock.

What singer or band made you think…”Hey, I want to do this when I grow up”?
Probably someone like the Strokes. They were just impossibly cool and you couldn’t help but feel like you wanted in on the action when you watched them.

Where do you see Otherkin in the future, say 5 years?
Probably on album 3 and playing huge shows to people throughout the world. We wanna hit the road and play to as many people as humanly possible. This is a long-term thing for us, and you’re gonna be hearing from us for quite a while whether you want to or not!

When you are done with music, and you have made your millions, what will you do when you retire?
I’d love to write a book someday. About what or who I don’t know yet. I’m not gonna wait until retirement to start it though, when it comes it comes.


Otherkin are:

Luke Rielly ( Vocals, Guitar )

David Anthony ( Bass )

Rob Summer ( Drums )

Conner Wynne ( Lead Guitar )

To see Otherkin live:

Stalk Otherkin



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