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Get To Know : The Up & Coming Leeds Indie Punk Pop band The Indigo Project

We sat down and had a bit of a chat with drummer Jack from the rising Leeds indie pop-punk band The Indigo Project, who formed in 2015, but have already shared the stage with bands such as Maximo Park, The DMA’s and the Sherlocks, not to mention played Leeds/Reading and Kendal Calling Festivals.

 I love the pop sound of By Your Side. I actually am a huge fan of pop music, did you set out to be an indie pop band or did your sound happen organically?
We seem to have dabbled in a few different sounds since we first formed, taking inspiration from our own tastes. But we always seemed to come back to Indie. It fits us most comfortable.
Tell us how Indigo Project came to be…
4/5 of us (Joe, Alex, Jack, and Tony) went to the same school but were in different years (the same school as Marsicans and Clay, funnily enough!). And Joe knew Oliver from other musical shenanigans. Alex was the last addition to the band and panic-bought a bass guitar when he was asked to join. Best £300 his mum’s ever lent him…
When you write your lyrics, do you write from personal experiences?
Joe writes the lyrics to the songs, so yeah they’re mostly based on experience (hence why 90% are about girls)
Which do you prefer touring or studio time?
Both are ace, but there’s no feeling like playing live. Touring is just fun ’cause you go from place to place performing to a wide variety of crowds. Sometimes they’re mental an’ all.
At what point did you each say to yourself, “I want to play music”?
I think we can all probably trace it back to seeing a particular artist/band live. Whether it be Foo Fighters, Eminem etc. But I think it was after our debut EP launch at Key Club in 2016 that made us realize “Yeah…this is what we wanna do”.
Did you grow up in musical households?
We all grew up with fairly musical backgrounds. Oliver’s dad is a DJ and is obviously very musical, Jack’s dad dabbled in a bit of guitar, Alex was exposed to a lot of different music by his parents. So it’s kind of in our blood, as with most musicians.
What is your earliest memory of music?
Mine personally (Jack) is probably watching Busted on that channel that used to play music videos…Box, I think it was called? Don’t even know if it’s still a thing anymore. But yeah, my parents got me a toy guitar and microphone that Christmas and the rest is noisy history.
Tell our readers why they should be listening to The Indigo Project
You shouldn’t, we suck. Nah, I’d say we’ve got a pretty fun sound. It’s bouncy. It’s cool. You may even relate to some of the lyrics. Tasty stuff.
Your hopes and dreams for the band?
At the moment one thing we seem to agree on is that we wanna play an arena. That’s like the only untouched territory right now in terms of venues for us. Other than that, we just wanna keep doing what we’re doing. Touring, recording, and hopefully making a career out of it so we can keep doing it and reaching new people for as long as our hands still work.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
As is the case with most young bands, we all have day jobs to keep us going haha, but I’d hope we’d be doing a little something extra if not music. A few of us are quite big film buffs, so who knows, maybe you’d be looking at the next set of Spielberg’s?
Three songs you love to take on any road trip?
Ah, the TIP road trip playlists always feature bangers. Three that come to mind are ‘Fit But You Know It’ by The Streets, ‘Redbone’ by Childish Gambino and pretty much anything by Foo Fighters.
Your guilty pleasure song?
Mine is Touch by Little Mix…and I’m barely even guilty…!
Listen to The Indigo Project‘s newest single By Your Side:


The Indigo Project are:

Joe Spink – Vocals/Guitar

Tony Francis – Guitar

Alex Crow – Bass/Backing Vocals

Oliver Barry – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Jack Manktelow – Drums

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