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Great News drop new single Stranger In The Hallway

Norwegian daze-pop trio Great News has developed an aural language that breaks through all sonic borders. Inspired by 90s fashion, 80s beats, and the mountains and fjords of their home base of Bergen, Norway, Great News combines elements of daze-pop and psychedelic rock over cheerful melodies and jaunty basslines. 

Three-piece Norwegian daze pop trio Great News shares their new single “Stranger In The Hallway.” Anchored by a languid yet guttural beat, the track also employs synths and dynamic piano chords to great effect. Sonically, it’s reminiscent of the polished pop hits of the ’80s and swells over its 3-minute duration with a head rush of euphoric emotions.

Lead singer and guitarist EvenKjelby explains: “You know when you see someone on the bus, across a crowded room, or even in the hallway and you make intense soul-deep eye contact, and then you can’t get the person out of your head? That is what this song is about.”

Great News is comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Even Kjelby, bassist Ole Kristian Einarsen, and drummer Lars Henrik Stoud Platou. The band will
release their sophomore LP Now and Them on April 17th.

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