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Guest Blogger Corrin Campbell shows us the new hobby she has developed during the quarantine

Singer-Songwriter Corrin Campbell has shown us what her new hobby is and its pretty cool:

It’s amazing what quarantine can bring out of a creative person. I’ve never considered myself particularly “artistic” outside of music. Dabbling in make-up, but being terrible at it, and struggling to even draw a stick person with reasonable proportions has convinced to just step AWAY from any visual art tools. Damn, I wish I could paint…

But I found a recent hobby that really taps into this left brain of mine. Last year I purchased a Glowforge: a crazy laser engraver/cutter/printer thing, and I’ve finally had time to play with it. Originally, I got it so I could create cool merch with it; honestly the only way I could justify such a huge purchase.

Since stay-at-home began, I’ve made clear acrylic puzzles, with only my lyrics engraved in it as the clue for how it fits together, as well as a mini-puzzle with my friend’s Bitmoji on it so we could “be together” even though we can’t actually be together. I even engraved some cool wooden Soma cubes for a musician friend of mine (which, by the way, if you haven’t tried one before… ten out of ten definitely recommend). Apparently it took being locked inside for weeks on end to find my new fun outlet!

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