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Guest Blogger: Karnig Manoukian of Charming Liars tells us about his new passion, and Charming Liars new single and video for Blame is our Song Of The Day

As we all find ourselves in this weird and bizarre situation, we have all found new things to keep us occupied. For those who are fortunate to still have their jobs, that fills their day. For most of us in the music business, just like many other businesses, there is incredible uncertainty. The reality is that no one really knows when they’ll be able to get back on the road or when they’ll be able to jump into a recording studio with 10 others or when they can pick up that guitar and perform onstage.

I’ve spoken to so many people (via Zoom or Skype or FaceTime or WhatsApp) and everyone is finding a hobby somewhere. Things they never thought that would interest them… now somehow… become their focus :)For me personally, food is up there with music as something that consumes me. Eating seems to be taking up a lot of my day. So I looked into different meat cooking methods that would provide pleasure for me and I stumbled across this incredible charcoal BBQ called the Kamado Joe.

This beast of a grill is a massive ceramic stand-alone oven that grills, fries, roasts, smokes and devours any food item you put into it. So I ordered one and since it’s arrival, I’ve found a new passion for smoking, slow cooking and grilling steak (mostly).

I’ve always been very fond of red meat and I’ve also done a lot of research into which farms and areas in the US produce the best beef. Driving across country countless times really enables us to see the beautiful landscape that’s on offer and one thing that always catches my eye is these incredible cow farms sprawled across the midwest. It has in one way or another lead me to this moment of …… the Kamado Joe!!! For now, I will continue to utilize this new obsession and I will master it. When social distancing is a thing of the past and big group gatherings become common practice again, I think my new friend Kamado Joe will serve me well and I can’t imagine my life without it 🙂

Charming Liars have also just released a new video for single Blame..Here is what they had to say about it:

” We had planned to put out this video right as we were finishing our last European tour. Things changed and now we release it as we all stay home. The video represents a simple visualization of a relationship between two people and utilizes the heart as the driving force. Instead of doing a performance piece or animated video or lyric video, we went the route of stop motion. Something about it lent itself so well to this type of song and hopefully, it gives the viewer a new perspective when watching it.”

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