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Guest Blogger: The Wildfire Projekt tells us what he’s been up to.

What have I been doing during the quarantine? Well, lots of stuff! The main thing that’s been great, that I am finally able to get back into, is honing my production skills. There are so many great hardware’s and software’s I haven’t been able to use or really explore, and now that I have the chance to do that I am going to be able to explore more creative songwriting ideas which I will, in turn, be able to bring to you!

I’ve also been catching up on my nerd stuff like playing Magic: The Gathering, Gears of War (4 currently), and watching horror movies I got behind on! I’d love to read some, too, but it just makes me tired haha. Someone come read cool stories to me! Just kidding… not really. I think this quarantine has provided a lot of silver linings, and to see so many people slowing down and helping each other is a beautiful thing I am very happy about.

From Which We Came Out April 7th, 2020

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