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Guest Bloggers House and Home let us know what they are doing while off the road

Like a ton of bands, we’ve had to cancel/postpone a bunch of shows coming up because of everything going on. When we’re home, though, we definitely have our rituals that we’ve just been able to do a lot more of recently.

We tend to hang out together a lot even when we’re not doing things for the band (a couple of us live together), and some of that time, while we’re stuck at home, is spent in our living room watching TV or playing video games. We watched “Big Mouth” to the point where we’ve all got all the impressions down, we’ve been playing a ton of NBA 2k, and Pat and Joey are still working on Breath of the Wild. The most notable, though, is probably Mario Kart. You could call us obsessed. More recently, we’ve been favoring the latest version on the Switch.

Something that’s very new to us, but we’re all becoming pretty obsessed with, is playing poker. We tried it as a group and were immediately hooked on it. To be clear, we’re all terrible, but we’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

Being forced away from the road is really frustrating, especially while all of us are out of work because of quarantine, too, but being home and all available at the same time isn’t something we get very often. It’s been really cool to be able to see each other every day when we’re not working on music without having to meticulously plan out every second because people are working or busy or doing a million different things. We’re just making the best of it. It’s been cool to be able to be so casual about hanging out, but don’t get us wrong, we can’t wait until this is over and we can get back to playing shows.

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