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Guest Bloggers Start The Week Over Tell US What They Have Been Doing During Quarantine

Today our guest bloggers are Boston based pop punk band Start The Week Over. Interesting fact about the band, it started (n kind of ) when best friends Bobby and Matt performed in a revue themed around children TV shows . The duo wrote a medley of Nickelodeon songs repackaged as Pop-Punk tunes,( gotta love that ) and then recruited friend Stephen Dorris to play drums,. The rest they say is history…

Bobby Gioiosa (Lead Vocals)

I have found myself with a lot of extra free time since I finished classes last week. Lately, I’ve been messing around with my keyboard and slowly trying to teach myself piano. When I’m not fiddling around on the keys or working on new music with the band, you can usually find me killing time with a Nintendo Switch. Lately, I have been playing a lot of Super Smash Bros and way way way too much Animal Crossing. Because of current events, I’m living back at home with my parents for the time being. While I’m here, I’ve been trying to learn to cook a little better from them. We’ve also been going on hikes every few days with my dog, Tess, to stay active. I’m looking forward to celebrating her 9th birthday this week!

Matt Wikstrom (Guitar)

I’ve been spending my time trying to stay as productive as I can (given the circumstances). I’ve been having a lot of fun making video game guitar medleys for my Instagram every week, along with writing and producing more than I ever have. I’ve also taken on the dubious (kind of insane?) task of rebuilding a guitar. My brother and I bought a cheap strat copy back when I was in high school, and now we are turning that $10 bucket of bolts into a dream machine. Updates to come, hopefully, it becomes one of the guitars I use live with the band once we can perform again!

Stephen Dorris (Drums)

Recently it has been all school/coding all the time. Now I will be a TA for Summer and am actively looking for an internship for the Fall. Besides school, I’ve been trying to (emphasis on trying) to get my cooking skills up and have been running, or at least walking around. Boston is very walkable and it’s easy to keep distance between people so it’s a relatively safe activity.  Although I miss sports, there’s been countless nfl/ nba/ baseball/ soccer replays and highlights, including the MJ documentary and following the ravens. I have been working on my drumming as well as focusing on Stick Control and independence, and am also saving up for a keyboard to learn piano.

Cooper Gould (Guitar, Keys, Mandolin) 

I’ve been using my vast amounts of free time to catch up on the huge stack of unread books on my bedside table. So far I’ve made my way through Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (what a doozy) The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, and Beloved by Toni Morrison. Next up is Burning Down the Haus by Tim Mohr, looking to get a little insight on the history of punk rock and learn about some of the roots that have led to the music that STWO makes now! Between books and far too many rounds of darts I’ve also been getting into yoga and cooking (my latest masterpiece was French toast with a homemade strawberry syrup).

Amanda Pasqualini 

I’m the type of person who works best with some type of noise in the background — music, TV, YouTube, you name it. I’m sure by now I’ve alarmed a few Spotify workers with how many hours I’ve logged listening to “Turn It Up” by The Wrecks since the start of quarantine. I’m also sure they were even more alarmed when they counted the number of podcast episodes I’ve gone through too. As a die hard fan of true crime stories, I was thrilled to find Parcast, my now go-to podcast network (not sponsored I swear). I’m a horror/thriller movie enthusiast so this seemed like a logical step in the podcast direction. Specifically Serial Killers, Female Criminals, and Crimes of Passion have keep me going while I analyze data from lab work. If you’re in the market for some good fiction background noise, SCP Foundation YouTube videos are solid. However, if spooky stories aren’t really your thing, “r/AskReddit” videos are also great, I 10/10

Listen to She Has It All off their debut EP

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