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Guest Bloggers Sunset Collective has been busy during the lockdown with entertaining fans on FB to having babies…

“Sunset Collective are a five-piece indie-rock band from Sheffield, England with music focusing on melodic riffs and catchy choruses, we try to bring the energy out in our songs with loud and catchy tunes but don’t be surprised to find the odd stripped back slower song in the set too.

Lockdown is fun in it? As a fairly new band we’ve been trying to keep ourselves busy and provide some kind of content for social media pages, we have started our lockdown sessions series in which we have found an avenue to release some of our songs that may not find themselves recorded in the near future but that you will definitely hear in one of our sets. It’s a really fun series to put together from only hearing your part to when it is all pieced together with everyone else’s to form the full tune, we’re enjoying it and the feedback has been brilliant so we don’t plan on stopping it anytime soon.

In our personal lives, we have some amazing news that our drummer Joel has become a father to a healthy baby girl, the rest of the band can’t wait to meet her and have our new little mascot.

Rob and Alex have kept themselves busy with the isolation sessions, putting the mix together and piecing together everybody’s video. We are all trying to keep the band the main priority in our lives even if we can’t see each other and attention has turned to the future once all this is over, we have spoken about ideas for music videos and hopefully want to secure our own rehearsal room.

This virus has had a horrible impact on the music scene with gigs being postponed and future dates not set in stone but we are all in this together and hopefully all bands, artists, venues, bookers, etc. will come out the other end with months worth of ideas and everybody will want their comebacks to be bigger than ever so there is that silver lining at the end of this, we might be in for some real good gigs!

Thanks for the read as I’ve stated earlier in the article we are a fairly new band but we do have a couple of tunes on streaming platforms in “Humble” and “Wire” but there is a lot more to come with a nice backlog of tunes for us to choose from for future singles! Take care, everybody, wash your hands, and listen to some rate good music” 





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