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Honey Moon release new video for single ” Magic “

London’s  HoneyMoon unveiled their video for new single ‘Magic’, in which they encounter themselves in puppet-form, spellbound by a gripping marionette show. ­

Perhaps their most ambitious cut to date, ‘Magic’ is straight from the classic songbook, replete with saturated Hollywood strings, swooning vocals and a spine-tingling key change.

Once again frontman Jack Slater Chandler’s vocals highlight the new single with the rest of the band’s musical showmanship delivering a hip up to date ballroom sound.

Augmenting their trademark doo-wop sound with new textures, rhythms and instrumentation to give a more expansive sound, Honey Moon capture shadowy, wistful late-night moments. Plucked guitars, walking basslines and shuffling drums carry ‘Magic as it drifts through faded dreams. Slater Chandler explains the wider concept the band are aiming to express with this latest ode:

“We wanted to explore the illusionary theme, to try and make something expansive and cinematic-sounding. ‘Magic’ represents the soul-mate style love we see in film, literature, Honey Moon songs – everywhere! What can seem like the most mundane, everyday elements of companionship are often the most important and overlooked. This sort of souped-up version of having ‘one true love’ is, whilst a nice idea, pretty difficult to imagine as anything that’s realistically achievable, but there’s something very real in the sentiment, and that’s the ‘spell’, that’s the illusion.”

Watch Below:

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