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ICYMI ​: Illicit Ghost releases new single ” Rabbit Hole “

Illicit Ghost has released her fourth single titled Rabbit Hole, this follows last years debut single Drunk and Alone, along with Parties by Myself and Precious.

The song , a real DIY project was written, produced and engineered by Illicit Ghost, along with her playing all the instruments on the song. As always it is her voice that highlights the song that deals with riding the wave of hopelessness. Here is what she had to say about the new single:

“One day I got really frustrated with myself, went into my room to make music and blow off steam and ended up shouting these lyrics as loud as I could, not caring who could hear me. This is how writing goes for me. By myself, hopeless, unstrung. Free to say what I want with no one there to respond. Tears but no sympathy allowed. Hit record and let it all go, no revisions or regret or calculations. Just saying it like it is because there’s no other way. If you’re suffering I hope you can find some comfort in this song like I did.⁠”

Listen below:

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