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Interview: Get To Know​ Radiate

Yesterday we sharedthe new single I Promise This by New York City band Radiate. Earlier we were able to have a small chat with them about the upcoming single and so much more….

Tell us a bit about Radiate’s story. for instance, how did you all meet and form, who each member is and their role in the band

Daniel Louis – Vocals

Vlad Tipcid- Guitar

Will Ford – Drums.                                                

Mikey Feliciano- Bass

Vlad had moved from Russia to America to pursue his dream after realizing his fate had he stayed in his homeland. Once Vlad moved to New York City, he had caught on to how social media would influence the culture going forward. Vlad created quality videos of him playing guitar and posted them on different types of social media, mostly instagram. Will, our drummer was urged by his brother to check out an awesome guitar player (Vlad) who had followed him. Will hesitantly made contact, but once he spoke with vlad about their common music interests they decided to meet up and jam. Upon playing together a few times it became increasingly apparent that their styles complimented each other a lot, and because of that the writing process  begins with those two, laying their intricate parts around each other. For many months to come Vlad and Will had a couple of bass players in the mix but never had a solid solidified the bass player or singer. In 2016 Daniel Louis, a singer songwriter from the tristate area was interested in joining a band, and it seemed to happen perfectly as well. He as well connected with Will and Vlad through social media and auditioned for the band. After the first audition, Daniel landed the spot within hours of hanging and gelling, vibing and understanding what Vlad and Will had created fundamentally to then create the overall original sound of Radiate. Once Daniel joined, his best friend of 10 years who was also a bass player, Mikey learned the whole set within a week and performed amazing the first show with as well. Everyone fed off each others energy musically, and the rest is history. 

What was the turning point in your life when you knew you wanted to be in a band 

Daniel –  I believe 12 years old. I was an only child and music for me was something I’ve felt comfortable and passionate about my whole life. I use to play in local bands with Mikey as teenagers but I knew in high school that once I was done with school, music was going to be my entire future. 

Will – After loving every bit of my band class in middle school but not being able to finish because of grades, I assumed that I would just play basketball (and that was perfectly fine with me at the time). In my summer going into high school, my middle school teacher called my mom and said that I should try out the marching band. Through the next four years of being in the marching band and in three of those those years doing drum corps as well, it was never clearer to me what i wanted to do and since then my mind has never wavered. 

Mikey – after playing a couple shows starting off locally. I saw the reaction from my audience and how they understood my music. As a young teenager I grew to love the connection I can make with people through music.

Vlad – I was 9 years old   and it was some random school  concert, and first time in my life I saw some local band went on stage, and without any sound check they started to play  a song, and that sound of live drums, guitars, and vocal that i’ve never heard before immediately changed my mind and my life.  It was one of the most emotional moment in my life , i still remember that feeling. 

Which comes first in your song building, the lyrics or the music

 Vlad and Will lay down the fundamental instrumental, then Mikey adds his twist on his bass line and Daniel finishes off the track with his vocals

 What would you say was the most consistent theme in your songs

A consistent theme is “Human emotion and interaction”. We might write about a specific event that gives you a feeling or it could be about “trust” for example. Humans are animals just like every living breathing organism on this planet that lives on earth. We like to touch upon how humans react and feel emotionally.  

What was the first song you ever played together as a band

We auditioned Daniel and he started to sing and freestyle rap what is formally known as “Unbound” so it would be Unbound or Movements. First full song we wrote and played finished was Movements as well. 

You are getting ready to release I Promise This, tell our readers why they should listen.

Our song “I Promise This” to us is an “easy listening” song, a good first impression to a general listener to our band or genre of music. It has a hard hitting riff, with signature clean vocals and instrumental. This song is written specifically about two people, could be anyone within a friendship or relationship. To make a promise is all about trust within a relationship of any kind. Our songs have a variety of topics but for us, writing about human interaction was one thing we wanted to shed light on for the Human EP. sometimes when someone does not keep their “promise” or you know that you care for someone but might not trust them with a “Promise” it just shows you that deep down you can be forgiving and good person and move forward with your life. That’s the lesson of this song.

  What are the three essential road trip songs

For our most recent tour it was…

Gave Your Love Away – Majid Jordan 

Holy water – The Funeral Portrait

Knot – Chon

 If you had to play only one album for the rest of your life what would that album be?

    Will – good kid m.A.A.d city (by Kendrick Lamar)   

    Daniel – 1984 (by Van Halen)

    Mikey – With Roots Above and Branches Below (by The Devil Wears Prada)        

    Vlad –  Machine Head (by Deep Purple)                                           

Your guilty pleasure in music.

 Will – seventh chords

Daniel – Aaron Carter 

Mikey- Katy Perry

Vlad – Thomas Erak 

You have the opportunity to tour with anyone…put together your dream lineup

Dance Gavin Dance, Attila, Don Bronco, Issues 

Where do you hope to be as a band in five years..

We hope that we will be successful enough to be able to tour different countries, and all parts of the world to vibe with all humans healing people emotionally through music and living a  balanced personal and professional lifestyle.

Radiate in three words…

Funny, ridiculous, determined 

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