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Interviews: We Talked With Kieran and Joe Of Circa Waves

On their recent US tour, we were able to sit down with Kieran and Joe and talk about, depression, their newest album and much more…


Last time we saw you it was at SXSW

K- Wow that was a long time ago

Yeah. Three years ago, I think. Tell us how things have changed for you since that time

K-Two stones heavier, half a foot taller

J-Southby was just before everything went a bit mad for us. We’d spent the year or year and a half before touring non-stop, our album came out a week after we got home.So we went back to the UK and did our first album tour, that was the time it felt like a real thing, we played a really great gig in London and had some really big crowds

Did you gain anything from attending SXSW

K- We did. You are really dropped into the deep end by doing three or four shows a day. It teaches you to become incredibly good. It is kind of like that whole Beatles thing when they were in Hamburg, you just naturally get better, and it is loads of fun because you drink all day, you sweat and you meet other bands. Loads of fun but super hard work, you feel you have achieved something by the end of it all.

You have been o tour with Two Door Cinema Club for a week now, I think

K- Roughly yeah

How has that been going?

K- It is really good. We have played a bunch of different shows spread across the states and everywhere has a different flavor to it. I think one of the best shows we have done was in El Paso, and then we had an interesting show in Portland Maine. It is almost like a different country every day, it all feels so very different along the way.

Where has been your best crowd so far?

K- I really enjoyed last, where were we night before last? Oh, Anaheim. We also did Austin, it was good fun

Your new album Different Creatures has been out about seven months now, listening to it, the tone is a bit more I guess you would say hard and rock and roll than Young Chasers, which kind of had an Indie surf vibe going on. Has the difference in sound affected your fan base any?

K- It is hard to tell really, it doesn’t seem that way. It does seem to start more mosh pits in the UK that is for sure. I think people recognize good songs no matter.

J- We have kept the same fans and then the people that may have dismissed us before, we might have turned their heads a little bit. I think that is what you want as a long-term band. You want to show people you can adapt.

I think it sounds like you grew up between Young Chasers and Different Creatures

K- Sure. I think in the first record, well people say it takes your whole life to write your first it. Then we wrote the second in like four months. It is very much present, very of the time at the start of 2016. Young Chasers was looking back at my whole life, very nostalgic and youthful.

While you were at ACL you donated your merch sales to the people of Houston for Hurricane Harvey relief. Did you go to Houston and see something that made you think ” Something needs to be done “ or do you do things like this often

K- The only place in Texas we were at was Austin. We do not have things like that in the UK and it is just completely tragic and we can not imagine how it feels to have something so out of your control take over so much of your life and destroy it. We try to do good things when we can and that was a great opportunity to help.

As a concert goer, and I can probably speak for all the girls here at the blog, we get what we like to call PCD, Post Concert Depression. You have the excitement leading up to the show, then it arrives and you are exploding with adrenaline and then sometime afterwards it wears off and that feeling is gone, you are a bit empty. Do you as a band have anything similar after shows or tour. I mean you are having to go back to a more normal life after being in front of crowds who can’t get enough of you.

K- Oh my goodness. I can tell you that is the hardest thing for anyone in a band. I think especially when you get to a high level and you are playing to 50,000 people at a festival and then a few hours later you are in a van and then a hotel room alone. It is such a headfuck like you cant, the human body isn’t meant to do that, so it throws you. I think that is why so many musicians struggle with some type of depression. The swings of emotion are so extreme, and with a band, I am not sure about a solo artist, you have three others going through the same thing.

And with that, do you ever get on each other’s nerves? You are locked up with these people in a van, in a hotel room, almost 24/7 for months at a time

J- I think we are at the point now as a band where we mostly don’t stress each other out, but also we do have days where we can just disappear and get away by ourselves. Also if you want to go off on your own for a day or an hour, I think it is an important thing to do

What is the hardest thing about tour life?

K- That. The emotions, along with lack of sleep, missing like your girlfriend or people back home

J- You sometimes go to your room and just realize you are sick and really miss your girlfriend

Is it hard to keep a relationship when you have a lifestyle such as yours? I think this would include both significant others and friends in general. Are your friends different to you now that you are two records in and successful?

K-Not if you have good friends. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. When I see my mates, we have about four months of things to chat about and the same with a girlfriend. It is difficult, but if it is a strong relationship, you fucking deal with it. It is our dream and fortunately, we all have girlfriends who are happy to let us live our dream.

J- It would be madness to be with someone who didn’t support your dream or you theirs. That is what support is.

Top three songs on a Circa Wave road trip?

K-  Little Green by Joni Mitchell, Everlong by Foo Fighters and then… you go…you do two

J- Well when in LA we always listen to Randy Newman I Love LA. When we use to do a lot of driving, we drove a lot at night, we liked stuff that calmed us down.

A guilty pleasure song on your phone

K- Oh so many and they are all becoming guilty pleasures. I really like a band called Twenty One Pilots.

My granddaughter is obsessed with them

K- So now you see where my music taste is…little girls. I just like massive pop tunes

J- Nothing on my phone really sticks out but Bruno Mars, the new Bruno Mars record. I love Lionel Richie…a lot.







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