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J.B. Boone releases second single Hico

The indie/folk artist from Texas, J.B. Boone will be releasing his second single “Hico” on July 11th from his upcoming EP Severe Adventures. About the track, J.B. Boone says, “This song is really special to me; I co-wrote the banjo instrumental with my father, who kickstarted my music career by teaching me everything I know. I wrote the core of this song about ten minutes before playing it during my first show in Hollywood, and it has been an awesome journey molding it into what it is today.”

Check it out below:

“I’ll be honest here; I’ve been sleeping on couches and eating PB&J for every meal for roughly 7 months while I make this album, and I’ve loved every second of it. I’d love to tell you guys more about this journey, and the story of these songs.”

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