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John Van Deusen releases new single Social Sucker

John Van Deusen has shared his newest single, “Social Sucker,” which is the latest single from his forthcoming album (I Am) Origami Pt. 3 – A Catacomb Hymn, out July 19th via Tooth & Nail Records.

 “The term “social sucker” is something I made up (I think?) to describe people who come across as leeches in social situations,” shares Van Deusen. “They take and never give; they see people as resources and fuel for their own flames of ambition. Clearly, most of us are guilty of seeing other people as crude oil at some point in our lives.”  He continues: “Sometimes I feel like I’m singing this song to myself as a stern reminder. Whether singing to myself or not, I am communicating to someone who I don’t recognize anymore because they have immersed themselves within a community of ‘social suckers.’ In some ways, I’m pleading with them to leave it all behind and come back to a more sincere reality. I think sometimes we get so deep into those situations that we don’t really know who we are anymore.

Van Deusen creates honest and rich power pop that is built on a foundation of influences. Listen below:

You can pre-order (I Am) Origami Pt. 3 – A Catacomb Hymn at

(I Am) Origami Pt. 3 – A Catacomb Hymn Tracklisting:

1. Whatever Makes You Mine

2. Let Me Let You Use My Power

3. Universal Will to Become

4. Social Sucker

5. Steal from Myself (It’s All About Me!)

6. If All is Nothing / Nothing Must End

7. Fly Away To Hell

8. Nothing Ever Comes of It

9. You Don’t Know What You’re Asking

10. Numb

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