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Judah & the Lion’s Judah Akers releases new single Like It Like This under solo project Pink Laundry

 Judah & the Lion frontman Judah Akers shares new project Pink Laundry and the first single – “Like It Like This”.

Akers was spending time recording at his home in Nashville after Judah & the Lion wrapped up the band’s massive 2019 Pep Talks Worldwide Tour, which hit 32 states and 9 countries in support of their third LP Pep Talks – released last Spring. Pink Laundry was born from those home sessions, as Akers explains:

“I had this moment where I was making a lot of music that I loved but didn’t feel like it fit into the Judah & the Lion story. So instead of forcing something — I realized that I also just love bat shit crazy electric rock music.”

“Like It Like This” sees Akers collaborating with producer & engineer Drew Long along with musicians Garrett Tyler (percussion) and Hannah Tyler (violin) – all close friends and part of the Judah & the Lion family.

“Adding the violin to rock songs felt fresh and real to me,” Akers said, “I guess in some ways I can’t leave the authenticity that an organic instrument brings. And being close with Hannah and Garret and them being married—- the chemistry was there from the start.”

He continues, “It’s fun making music that has no boundaries, no pressure, and complete child-like recording. Making these rock songs up in my loft at the house will be something that I’ll never forget. I felt like a kid — not overthinking anything. Just letting music be music was the most exhilarating thing ever.”

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