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JWESTERN releases ‘Check-In’, ‘Just People’ EP out Oct 23rd via Heist or Hit

Taking his frictionless beats up a gear, Leeds newcomer JWestern releases punchy new single ‘Check In’ as a follow-up to intoxicating primer ‘Call You Right Now’. The single is a grooving ride, adrift in a cloudy, pastel-colored headspace. With it, he also announces his debut EP ‘Just People’, out October 23rd.

It follows the trend he’s set for himself in using his songs to invite the listener into his own personal situations. Everyday relatability for the modern age, and the trials and tribulations of youth – as he explains specifically in this case:

“Check In is all about a breakdown in communication between two people. I often find it really hard to say how I’m actually feeling in the moment and end up saying the wrong things; then in hindsight, everything becomes clear in my mind, and I end up regretting everything. But at the same time, even through a rough patch, I still want to check up on the person and make sure that they’re okay, and go back to how things were before.”

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