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JWestern releases debut single ” Call You Right Now “

Harnessing softly slung chord progressions, frictionless beats, and a pastel pallet of wavy instrumentation, Leeds newcomer JWestern releases intoxicating debut single Call You Right Now via Heist or Hit (Her’s, Brad Stank, Pizzagirl).

The breezy tone suggests a sound more indebted to South Central L.A. than his bedroom in England, but JWestern-AKA John Gooding–embraces the contrast. He combines both sides of the coin to create a woozy rural metropolis, where the streets look like degraded 35mm film stock, catching snapshots of permanent summer. Explaining the themes,John reveals the inspiration comes from a personal place:

“At the time of writing the track I was going through quite a bad patch in a relationship that I knew my heart wasn’t fully in, but I didn’t know how to express how I was feeling, so lyrically the song really became my outlet. I remember lying in bed and pretty much writing all the lyrics in one night, with the chords going round and round in my head; it felt like everything had been building up in my mind for so long that it all just needed to be let out.It’s me trying to come to terms with the insecurities and indecisiveness I felt within the relationship and whether the decisions I was making were the right ones. I wasn’t sure what I fully wanted but I knew I needed to give myself time and space away from everything and anything”

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