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King No-One release ” Not Willing To Sacrifice My Life “

York four-piece King No-One has spent the past seven years turning heads and breaking hearts with their own inimitable brand of fidgety indie-pop. They have just released a new single Not Willing to Sacrifice My Life, which is their first for Manchester-based Scruff of the Neck.

The track has frenetic synths, skittering percussion and a pulsating bass line that highlights a hook that leads the track towards the end. It is bolder than previous singles that King No One has released.

Here is what frontman Zach Lounds had to say about Not Willing to Sacrifice My Life,

“Not willing to sacrifice my life is about the struggle with addiction. Be it a vice, a person or a goal. I have a personal problem of not being able to stop, I have a goal and it’s just tunnel vision to reach it – and what I failed to realise was that on the path I chose, I was causing destruction to myself. These tendencies also fell into play when using narcotics. And manifested in a ‘I can’t, and I won’t stop’ attitude. One night this went too far. My mind was fried as I tried to coat my brain in things that ridiculed the way I think over and over I abused my mind in a three pronged attack.”

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