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Konsequence share visuals for new single ” Emotional Distancing “

Munich-based brothers Tom and Mike Zitzelsberger have made music together for most of their adult life. Their familial bond allows them to be completely candid with each other – able to express their creative ideas without fear of judgement or rebuke.

Producing emotionally charged electro pop with post-punk affectations, the pair have previously collaborated with the likes of Rome Fortune and Rory Fresco. Nostalgic synths are backed up by motoric drums; melancholia and teenage trauma are countered with a sense of optimism.

Now, they are releasing a new video for ‘Emotional Distancing’. The band tells us “the song is about an unnecessary breakup. It’s about an emotional gap between lovers that becomes eventually leads to self-isolation.”

The video’s director Felix Koch used the creative restriction of lockdown to influence his work, saying “I felt the pressure to break out. Konsequence expressed this emotional state in their song and inspired me to portray the feeling. The world around us is contaminated, and we have a deep human urge to be free. 

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