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Listen: ” The Anteroom ” by STONER

Totally have to tell you that I spend way more hours than I want to watching Peppa Pig, thanks to a three-year-old named Atlas, so when I read the description of STONER’s new song,  The Anteroom, it was the first thing that caught my eye.

Stoner describes The Anteroom as “a very British Suicide”– A political turmoil mocking the middle classes – All told through the meta-play of a Peppa Pig episode.
Writing about the “Infantilisation of the referendum”The Anteroom’ sees Stoner sequence the Brexit process as “an ill-fated balloon ride”. Layered over the sounds of seagulls, The Anteroom’s lyrics deride the “un-navigated, unmitigated rudderless dream, and the almost child-like petulance of the impatient territorialism of identity and ownership, that somehow, in the end, we will achieve and live in a distilled utopia of British values, when really it’s just regressive isolation- a waiting room of uncertainty.”

The Anteroom def gives you the happy floating feeling of slowly moving through the sky in the balloon, despite the existential crises that STONER sings about


Stoner’s live debut will take place at the Waiting Room on February 26th.

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