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Listen: ” The Right Place ” KOATES

Talk about being in the right place at the right time, the members of London based KOATES seemed to have just happened upon each other. Leadman James Coates had spent two years searching for members to form a band when he ran into bassist JoJo Macari playing in a guitar shop on Denmark Street and shortly after met drummer Joe Perkins in a curry house on Brick Lane. If you fast forward, you see them ending 2018 strongly with the second single The Right Place, which was released today.

The single is a slow simmering lo-fi tune, with harmonically rich backing vocals, that incorporate perfectly with the bearly noticeable guitars that seem to almost sparkle in the background, giving Coates’ dynamic vocals the main focus.

When asked about the meaning behind The Right Place Koates had this to say:

“‘The Right Place’ is based on a relationship turning toxic. One day you can experience total happiness and euphoria, the next you hit rock bottom. That constant Ping-Pong effect: fight, makeup sex, fight, makeup sex, is what inspired the song. Just hoping that the toxicity would disappear and you could be in a good place.”

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