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Listen to Hot Minute’s new single ” Magic “

Like most, if not all female bands and singers Manchester trio Hot Minute have had a struggle in the male dominated music business…. 

“Can you imagine an all-male band who can actually play their instruments being told, ‘we can get you a deal based on how you look’, in f-cking 2019? I can’t – and I’ve had label interest from some pretty big hitters in the past”, said  Hot Minute frontwoman Keely Hutchinson. ‘We’ve all experienced these types of comments from male industry members over the years and in many respects, Hot Minute is the culmination of our individual frustrations from receiving such comments whilst apart of other projects we’ve been involved in” agrees Bella (keytar/BVs). “Even male videographers we’ve met have casually insinuated that without their input into Hot Minute, we’ll end up with nothing professional on a visual level”, states Courtney (synths/keys).

It is comments like these that set Hot Minute on the path of creating an all-female team and starting their own record label Hotter Than Hell Records. The girls they surround themselves with are equally as pro-empowerment and anti-misogyny as the band themselves.

The band has just released their new single Magic, which is an 80’s inspired synth pop masterpiece that will throw you off with its infectious beat and melodic vocals as it deals with not being in a good place emotionally. “Magic embodies taking the negative and flipping it on its head and to gain something positive”, states Keely. Come to think of it, isn’t that exactly what Hot Minute has actually done? Listen to Magic below and get out and support these girls.

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