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Listen to Needshes newest single ” Love “

NEEDSHES is an alt/rock band founded by Uzbekistan-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Otabek Salamov. They recently released a new single titled Love, which is the follow up to their November release of “When The Music’s Going Through You”

“Love” isn’t another regular weepy song about the broken heart, instead it is about freak love relationships that are based on crazy obsessions. The lyrics ” Mama said its never going to work cause you’re a crazy bitch and I’m a jerk “ at the beginning of the song should be a big tip-off that this isn’t your typical love song and probably will remind a lot of us of a past relationship.

With its moody guitar riffs and instruments that we usually don’t see in a rock and roll song such as the chiming of the multi-timbral instrument, the song gives us four minutes of addictive sound. We especially liked the 2:35 second point where you think the song has ended, but are quickly given even more.

Here is what frontman Otabek Salamov has to say about Love:

“First came a beat and a guitar riff. During the grueling work session on the special project, I wanted to relax, do something else to take my mind off of it. And then after a while, when I was going through the demos, I came across this bit. The main melody has come. And it worked really well with the beat and the riff. Initially, it was just a balalaika sound. Then with various layers and other instruments, it acquired a more multi-timbral unique sounding. And then lyrics with melody popped out.

I made a recording. Sometime later, when I went to Tashkent to visit my relatives, I bought the Persian tar on the local market. And then a second hook appeared, on tar.

The song is about love and unwillingness to change, to adapt to the environment and other people’s opinions. Sure, there is a teenage dash about it. But we’re all a bit teenagers, right?

It is dedicated to Amy Winehouse.”

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