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Listen to the debut single ‘Absence ‘ by Pale

Pale, an Alt Rock/Post Hardcore four-piece based across the North West and Midlands, have released their debut single, ‘Absence’. With a strong focus on heartbreak, frontman Reece Banks explains,

“The whole concept was to capture as much emotion as we could in a literal and metaphorical sense. This stemmed all the way from the drone-like ambiance within the instrumental, down to the lyrical content and the imagery. The main goal is to connect with the listener and viewer, as what we write about is exactly the way that we feel, along with so many other people”

During the writing process of ‘Absence’ Reece revealed, “I was in a very vulnerable place, I lost the person that was my muse. ‘You were the only thing, that made existence a dream’ is the most literal line in the song, as this person that I lost was everything to me. The whole song stemmed from that one line and that particular emotion”.

Absence focuses on the loss of someone that you are dependent on and the four-piece wanted to portray the aftermath of such an experience throughout the music video. While sadness is always shown, the element of insanity is forgotten and the band felt that this was important to get across

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