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Listen to the new single Can’t Do Without by Johnny Bourke and read about the song and much more in our Exclusive Interview with him

Tipperary Ireland’s Johnny Bourke is on a mission of bringing guitar back to pop with his new single Can’t Do Without. The single is an addictive jangly tune that will have you singing the rest of the day. Listen below:

We were lucky enough to catch up with Johnny and have a bit of a chat with him about his new single.

  1. Your debut single Can’t Do Without was just released, can you tell our readers why they should be listening?

It’s the feel good summer bop that I think we all need. This year has been tough for everyone and listening to this track lifts my spirits every time and I hope that it can do the same for others! 

2. What made you give up being a session musician and strike out on your own

I suppose the endless pursuit of new challenges. I always want to push myself as an artist and as a person, this felt like the next step and I’m loving it. I’m experiencing so many new things in the music world from this perspective and I want to keep pushing forward.

3. What message do you want readers to take away from your music

That you should embrace who you are and fully commit to it. I’ve only fairly recently “found my sound” or at least I’m getting there, once I embraced the type of music I want to write and play then I think the quality has upped several-fold. This is probably equally relevant life advice!

4. What has been the one thing you have noticed as your music has grown over the years you have been playing?

That development is completely up to you. The rate at which you improve is directly correlated to the amount you study and I find this refreshing. Nobody can halt my progress except myself. I’m in charge!

5. Ups and down if any that you had while writing Can’t Do Without?

It took a long time to find a chorus that felt right. My original demo had a chorus that was much busier and we pondered it for a while, eventually, it was fairly simple transformation. We clipped the original and gave it the space it needs to breathe and let the melody and guitar hook take the forefront. Sounds simple but a LOT of thought went into it.

6. What is your process of songwriting, do you write lyrics and put them to music or vice versa?

Genuinely every song is different. I like to produce and write at the same time so I usually get a scratch vocal down early and try get a version of the beat printed fairly early on so I can then work on them both simultaneously. I need a groove to write the lyrics and I need a vocal to write the groove! Haha. Songs start with different inspirations, sometimes a melody, a line, or even a word but they then tend to develop together.

7. What can we expect from you in the future?

Electrifying live performances. The main reason I write music is so I can play it live. Performing is my one true calling and I always give it 110% so these songs are hopefully going to let me live out my dream of playing for bigger and bigger audiences!

8. Who would you say was the greatest influence on both your music and life?

Good question and very hard to answer, I’m not sure that one answer can fit both. My main musical influence is definitely John Mayer, once I found him it changed my playing and style forever. Life: I had a couple of teachers that really shaped who I am today both musically and personally

9. What moment in your life did you know you wanted to play music

First time I ever performed in a show when I was about 13. Ever since then I’ve got the same feeling every time I’ve performed, there’s something about having so many people look at you and really engage with what you’re doing. I think it’s a way of connecting with people on a much deeper level than most.

10. Tell us three great songs to add to our playlist

Aside from “Can’t Do Without” ? 😉
1. Stacy – Quinn XCII

2. Happy – Stay Over

3. Bend The Rules – Niall Horan

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