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Listen to the new single Valentine’s Day by Jeremy Pascal

As you may know, we are BIG fans of Jeremy Pascal, and even if we are a bit behind ( arent we always? ) we wanted to share their new single titled Valentines Day. ( At least it is still February, right? )

The new single, though titled Valentine’s Day is anything but a love song, in fact, it is an anti-love song is a tribute to the resilience and the power one can lose to another. This sonic ballad melds R&B, pop and punk influences to create Jeremy Pascal’s iconic sound. Uniquely authentic and vulnerable, “Valentine’s Day” has the courage to say what we’ve all felt but couldn’t put into words.  

Vocalist Tino explains that Jeremy is looking back at a manipulative relationship that ended tragically with a sober mind. “He swears to himself to never let a relationship go that wrong and leave before things get ugly,” he says. “He is also coming to the conclusion that even though his ex horribly abused him she will have a place in his heart in a messed up way because she once was a person he loved.”

The track is the third installment from Jeremy Pascal’s forthcoming EP, Jeremy’s Life, due out this spring.

Listen to Valentine’s Day:

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