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Listen to the powerful and poignant stripped-down version of Madelaine’s Secret by Casey Sana

Everyone who knows me knows that I am drawn to any popular song that is played acoustically. It will instantly override the original in my eyes. There is something so raw and so personal feeling about a singer alone with or her guitar.

So when I heard the live acoustic version of Casey Sana’s powerful single Madelaine’s Secret, I knew I had to share it.

Madelaine’s Secret tells the story of a Transgender woman, comfortable and confident in her skin, but it also is a positive and empowering song for any listener.

Sana wrote his lyrics to detail, hinting at the character’s past, the transition and in the end their newfound confidence.

The acoustic version of Madelaine’s Secret is stripped down to perfection seemingly giving the lyrics a more powerful stance. Maybe it is Sana’s powerful delivery, or maybe it just gives us a chance to stop, slow down and really listen. Watch below:

A little personal note from me…over the past weeks, I have had several chances to speak to Casey, he is the real deal. A person who chooses to love and care about a person and their situation, to me, that is what makes his music even more powerful. Thank you, Casey, for the texts of encouragement and love you have filled me and my family with, you will always be in my heart. <3

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