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Lonnie Storey releases smooth new pop single ‘Found You’

Young London artist Lonnie Storey has a way with understated groove, the type that starts addictively burrowing under your skin from first listen. This trait exemplified in soulful new single‘Found You’, which is a gentle paean to unrequited lust. Or put bluntly by the man himself:

“It’s about telling a mate you flat out fancy them out of nowhere and it all going horrendously wrong, painfully backfiring right in your ugly, crying, drunken face.”  

Lazy guitars usher in a lush sonic bed that falls somewhere between Tame Impala’s softer moments and a Loyle Carner beat. It provides the perfect backing to Lonnie’s lilting vocals; delivering verses that are so laid back as to be horizontal, before the urgency increases in the choruses.

‘Found You’ would be equally at home in a smoky post-house-party living room at 4 am or in the 2 pm sun of an outdoor festival stage.

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