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Concert Review: Lord Huron

Last Monday night, my friend Justin popped up on Facebook chat and told me that this great band he liked that was playing in town on Thursday and that I just had to go with him. It would be rude to say no after him telling me I HAD to go and besides who turns down free live music? Certainly not me. It didn’t matter if I had never heard of the band, I would go, live music is rarely bad… Right?
He calls me the next evening telling me he has gotten us on the guest list and its at some underground club called Unit D. Now I don’t claim to know every bar in Tulsa but trust me, I have been to my fair share, but I’ve never heard of Unit D and neither had anyone else I asked.

THURSDAY NIGHT, we gather our bottles because it’s BYOB (what club is BYOB??? Didn’t that go out years ago??) and off we went. We get lost, ended up roaming around this industrial park. I told Justin to call the venue and ask from directions (stupid I know, what man will ask for directions) he proceeds to tell me that Unit D has no phone…. WHHHAAAATTTTT??? Oddly enough we were in the correct place. When they named this club Unit D, they named it well because it was sandwiched between Unit C and Unit E of a storage building unit. I have no hope for this concert at this point and if it wasn’t for the big Lord Huron poster taped to the door (which is now hanging on my wall of fame, all signed by the band) I would have thought I was crashing a family BBQ. All these randoms standing around, grilling and drinking beer. We take to drinking Vodka in the car until the doors open at 8.

We show our ID’s to prove we are on the guest list and follow the others in, it wasn’t that crowded because well, it was a storage unit. It can only hold 130 people.
As I walked in, I was expecting…. Yeah…I was not expecting anything, but the inside of this place shocks me. It is awesomeSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES. It has a small stage in the corner with a fairly good size floor area in front of it. Behind that there are couches and comfy chairs scattered about and even a pool table. Remember all that BBQ they were grilling up? Yeah, it was spread out on a table like a buffet for all of us to enjoy. Not to mention plenty of ice-cold cokes and any other type of mixers you can imagine for your BYOB.
I felt so…. Dare I say it?….. Indie….

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES  Escondido was the opening band. I had listened to about 3 seconds of them on the internet before I left, it was enough. I have some strange dislike to female lead singers, well female singers in general actually, unless they are singing some total pop nonsense. I set on one of the couches eating my BBQ and talking to some old man who traveled around playing the Blues and loved Punk Music. As interesting as he was I did soon find myself being pulled to the floor in front of the stage to listen to Escondido. Totally an Indie Folk band hailing from Nashville, the lead singer, Jessica, could belt out a song and her voice was a bit mesmerizing with her bit of   country twang that flowed thru her songs. I can’t see myself buying their music,or really even listening to it, they were much like a one night stand for me. You totally enjoyed it while it was happening, but you have no desire to repeat it in the future.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLord Huron, also an Indie Folk band, well they kind of stole my heart.. I can not tell you any of the songs they sung, I went in there having not listened to them before, but I knew I would go home and listen to them again . The music reminded me a lot of the Fleet Foxes, just that easy-going music that could be listened to on a lazy day or while you are having dinner. Not to say all their music was mellow, because it wasn’t, it was toe tapping Folk to full on Rock with plenty of drums and guitar riffs, keeping this non folk loving person very happy. My very favorite moment came at the end of Lord Huron’s set, when Ben Schneider took the stage with his guitar, hazy blue lights surrounded him and he sang a song called Lullaby. His voice, the emotion that came from that one song was breathtaking. Spot on with the placement of the song in the set list, it calmed and hushed the crowd after a few previous upbeat songs, giving us a lullaby to send us off to sleep with. Actually he did me, I went home and downloaded it, putting it on my sleep playlist.

Have a listen to Lullaby. I promise if you are having one of those days, his voice will carry all your troubles away.

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