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Lucy Gaffney releases dreamy new single‘Send Me Away’

Hailing from Belfast, and now based in Liverpool songwriter Lucy Gaffney reveals her new single ‘Send Me Away’, via Frictionless Music.

An imperious dream-pop tune, ‘Send Me Away’ embraces contrast. Lucy’s voice rests transcendentally on a motorik rhythm, while luscious background synths combine with at times spiky guitars. The persistent tension and release paint a deep picture; everything is set up for lucy to deliver the infectious hooks for which she’s quickly becoming known. Thematically it tends on this airy edge implemented by her vocals, as she explains:

“For me the track really encapsulates the dreamy element in the idea of love, getting lost in intoxicating moments and the electric excitement of the unknown.”

And the rough edges in the sound are intentional, adding an earthy juxtaposition

With the recording, I wanted to capture the garage band rawness from when I wrote it in the rehearsal studio. There’s an honest naivety to it that fizzes with electric quirks and kinks from start to finish, igniting an in the moment carefree edge”

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