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Luna Shadows shares new single “millennia”

Rather than following a tidy path towards bedroom pop, Luna Shadows employs her DIY ethos to construct an expansive vision of L.A.’s glamour and decay alike. First emerging as a touring member of New Zealand synth-pop group The Naked and Famous, Shadows swiftly gained a fanbase all of her own. With the release of her single “practice” in 2019, her entirely self-made brand of pop gained the love of not only listeners worldwide, but from the likes of Billboard, Nylon, The Line of Best Fit and many more, not to mention making official playlists on every major streaming service, from Spotify to TIDAL’s prized Rising section, wracking up more than 35 million streams across platforms. Suffice to say, she’s been able to create quite the fuss without yet having an album to her name.

As Shadows builds to her sophomore album, she’s now released her latest single, “millennia.” Boasting a throbbing beat that seems to pulsate with frustration, it follows a narrator exhausted by passive aggression. Shadows elaborate,

“”millennia” is essentially about different styles of dispute and communication. There are some people who prefer to confront things right away and talk until resolution is reached; conversely, there are others who run in the opposite direction and avoid confrontation altogether. I personally find that the silent treatment tends to be more painful than confrontation.” She hopes to capture a very specific emotional snapshot: “what it feels like to be left in the dark.”

For any among us suffering heartbreak, or simply sick of the mixed signals, the blunt, no-nonsense approach of her songwriting will surely prove an unexpected salve.

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