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Luna Shadows shares new video and single “The Nineties”     

Luna Shadows
shares a new single “The Nineties.” The dark and sublime single has a chewy pop center, aided by video game sound samples and Shadows’ ghostly vocals. In the song, Shadows enumerates her fears, and what feels like a potential anxiety spiral is brought back to calm with the levity of the production. The accompanying music video pictures Shadows as a video game character, navigating lava and quicksand traps and is full of nostalgic gamer references mixed with modern millennial lexicon. Self-directed and produced by Shadows on a green screen and shot on her iPhone, the visual is a dream come true for 90s babies.

“I never forget a fear, starting with my earliest visions of how I might go: falling into lava or quicksand, two scenes that the 90’s video games of my childhood painted as fairly possible outcomes,” Luna shares about the track. “I wrote this song at a time when I was experiencing such debilitating bouts of hyper vigilance that the simple act of leaving my home felt frightening: everything everywhere was out to get me. So many things could go wrong in a day: car accidents, shark attacks, lightning strikes, drowning, losing loved ones… I go through periods where I pull every and any nearby fear into focus. The attempt to fit as many of these fears as possible into an upbeat production for “The Nineties” was a very deliberate act intended to help me view myself with a lighter heart, to take back some control, and to laugh in the face of my anxious habits.

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