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Luna Shadows takes us on a ‘night swim’

 Luna Shadows’ upcoming debut album Digital Pacific (due February 12th) is mapped out like a California road trip; starting near Shadows’ home at Echo Park Lake in  LA before sweeping across the city westward toward the ocean, along the coast and out to the desert for a vacation getaway then circling back to her apartment. The expansive 18-track album peers through a digital lens, and explores deeply human themes like self-affirmation, anxiety, and disillusionment. It’s a project years in the making that has culminated in a singular vision Shadows has executed as songwriter, producer, and creative director.

Shadows’ latest single “nite swim” sits at the intersection of the themes of Digital Pacific, exploring the impact of technology on relationships. On the track, Shadows conjures images of a modern day Romeo and Juliet trying to navigate love and communication in the digital age. The chorus – “To be the Romeo and the Juliet of our generation / Except without the dying and the devastation” – emerges through a mesh of gritty percussion and powdery synths.

Shadows shares about “nite swim”:

“When I think of the extremely problematic R+J, a lot of their tragedy is based on farcical miscommunication that could’ve been so easily avoided in 2021. Yet in an age of instant & excessive communication, there has been a sharp rise in youth depression, suicide, and overall unhappiness. This song masquerades as euphoric but underneath raises some fairly dark questions re: technology and our mental health.

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