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Marlin’s Dreaming release new single and video for Sink Or Swim

Marlin’s Dreaming, who hails from New Zealand has dropped the first single, Sink or Swim off their forthcoming album Quotidian.

“It’s a song about detachment, the feeling of struggling to be present and feeling like I was at the whim of something outside of myself,” said frontman Semisi Maiai about the inspiration for the new song. “I wrote it over the last year where I felt like I was going through motions of living without much pre-consideration or afterthought, just simply doing things as they happened.”

The self–directed music video with support from New Zealand filmmaker Martin Sagadin pokes fun at the motivation for the song, the idea of being prodded around and losing touch with one’s own intentions. 

“At its core, Sink or Swim speaks to a rather strange period of time for me, but for the music video we wanted to focus on the lighter side, with the guitar drenched melody and bubbling chorus,” said Semisi.

We love the way Marlin’s Dreaming melded together psych, surf rock and a lo-fi bedroom sound to create their own musical magic, then adding the whimsical video with spectacular costumes just heightens the magical feel.

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