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Merit Premieres New Video “Mediocrity Gets You (Des)Pears”

 Merit is excited to share “Mediocrity Gets You (Des)Pears,” from their forthcoming debut EP Living With The Low, recorded/produced by Matt Brasch of The Wonder Years, mixed by Nick Steinborn of The Wonder Years, and mastered by Bill Henderson of Thursday. Fans can pre-order the new EP, set to be released on July 26th, here:

Mediocrity gets you (Des)pears’ is a song about sitting on my porch drunk at 3 am by myself feeling stuck, depressed, and frustrated,” shares lead singer Mike Dougherty. “I was so fixated on the thought of slipping into a cycle of normality, ‘failed musician works a job he hates for the rest of his life’-type thoughts, that I almost up and quit everything that night. I almost quit my bands… I was too depressed to write anything, and I felt like I was hindering our progress of the record. I figured they’d be better off without me.” He continues: “I almost quit my jobs… I was working at a place that seemed like it was consuming all my time to a point where I didn’t even have the energy to be creative. I just was mentally and physically drained. I felt like I could almost see into my future of working dead-end job to dead job my whole life….. So in short, this song’s pretty much about one big inebriated panic attack triggered by the thought of being a lifer in the restaurant biz.
However, none of the lyrical content reflects the actual video itself, because making that beer was fun as hell!” 

We don’t think Mike has to worry about those dead-end jobs any longer. Since forming in 2016 Merit has played up and down the east coast, growing its underground fan base with their catchy hooks and exciting live shows. They will be releasing their third record, Living with the Low, on July 26th, 2019. The record was recorded and produced by Matt Brasch (of The Wonder Years), mixed by Nick Steinborn (also of The Wonder Years), and mastered by Bill Henderson (of Thursday).  To coincide with the release of Living with the Low, they are teaming up with local brewery, Imprint Brewing, to brew, can, and release a blood orange/pineapple/cherry/milkshake IPA dubbed “Pop-Punch,” which will also be available starting July 26th. Touring in early July and fall 2019, Merit sets their sights on pushing further west. We are hoping it includes a stop somewhere near us! But for now here are a few chances to see them live:

Upcoming Tour Dates:7/20 – Phoenixville, PA @ Nest Fest

7/26 – Hatfield, PA @ Acoustic Record Release Show

7/27 – Lansdale, PA @ Record Release Show

Watch the video for Mediocrity Gets You (Des)Pears :

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