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Motion Picture: The Path of Alain Johannes, a documentary

The new documentary on Alain Johannes is available through streaming services. The Path of Alain Johannes includes commentary from individuals such as Chris Cornell, Josh Homme, and many more.

For those of you who don’t know much about Alain Johannes, he is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who is mostly known for being in the band Eleven. After his wife’s (Natasha Shneider) death Alain Johannes had a void which pushed him into a musical journey such as traveling to his country of Chile after 45 years.

Be sure to check out the trailer below:

“For many 40-somethings today who were moved by the power and raw emotion of Johannes’ music without understanding quite why, he embodied a breakthrough in rock music. Using his cigar box guitar, Johannes pays tribute to the beautiful Natasha Shneider, the love of his life, and carries us on a wave of energy deeply rooted in his passion for life, his almost other-worldly connection with her, and her loss. His story entwines perpetually with hers. His music moves us with a strength which is difficult to comprehend. Here, we witness glimpses of his daily life, month on month, year on year. Between the light and shadows of an intense life sometimes highly charged with pain, constantly searching for the sense in facing each new day.”Rodolfo Gárate (Director)

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