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MT. LOW release poignant track ‘Her Eyes on Me’

Music-art project MT. LOW have released their new single “Her Eyes on Me”. It follows their debut mixtape Lost of Love, which dropped earlier this year.

“This song is both heartbreaking and triumphant for me”, said Will, one half of the duo.

The lyrics are based around a moment when my partner was taken into intensive care. I had to come to terms with a lot of things: loss, love and vulnerability.”

The song comes with a simple yet moving accompanying video with Matt dancing freely against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset;

These emotions resonated with me for a long time and I think you can really sense that vulnerability in the song and video. It’s says to me, letting go and being yourself is difficult and beautiful,” he continues.

Creating music separately, their music forms almost like a research project using the everyday tools they were surrounded with, pieced together like a conversation between the brothers 

“over e-mail, WhatsApp messages, phone calls…whatever we had at the time,” they describe. “The fidelity didn’t matter as long as we’re being honest and letting the music fill that physical space between us.”

MT. LOW started creating music after an impulsive trip to a lone church in the Mojave Desert in 2019 capturing the surreal landscape of Beatty, Nevada: 

“We pretty much pointed to a spot on a map and went there, documenting everything that happened on the way.”
They returned with photography which was published by world-renowned magazine Ignant and a vision for a project: “our trip was the beginning of generating an archive, an assemblage of movement, sound and images,”

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