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Music to get your weekend started a day early featuring Blanks, Alex O’aiza, Captain Kidd, Coyote Island, Erik Frank, and Josh King

Blanks ” Favorite Nightmare “

Blanks has shared his new single Favorite Nightmare, which is the lead single off his newly released EP titled CHEAP SODAS AND ICE CREAM KISSES. The single is an 80’s dance groove with spikey synths and plucky basslines, add the addictive chorus in and you have a song you will be singing all-day long

Alex O’aiza ” Side By Side “

Dallas Texas’s Alex O’azia has released a new single Side by Side, which is the singer’s 5th single of the year. The single is a catchy summer feeling groove with smooth vocals that soar over the upbeat melody and lush guitars. This is the song that you will come back to again and again.

Coyote Island ” Golden Rule “

Maine-based songwriter Mike O’Hehir, who performs under the name Coyote Island has weaved together folk, hip hop, and pop in his newest single Golden Rule and the combo gives us a tune that will have us up swaying and dancing. It also hosts a background of Summery synths and catchy melodies that help give Golden Rule its breezy feel.

Captain Kidd ” No Good “

The first single off Captain Kidd’s forthcoming EP, No Good features fellow Columbus-based artists Kyle Kanzigg (Production) and JHXLANI (bridge verse). The song which is about the bitter ending of a relationship ruined by distance and distrust is a stunning production of lush electronic music along with soaring emotive vocals. We can’t get enough.

Erik Frank ” Fall Apart “

Erik Frank has come a long way from his small village of 200 in Spain. The now US based singer has just released his new single Fall Apart. The single is a blend of R&B rhythms and hip hop feel vocals that are sexy and sultry. We think this is the perfect song for a hot summer night.

Josh King ” Strangers “

More music from down under, this time with singer-songwriter Josh King, who has just dropped his third single ” Strangers ” The song is the relatable tell of the breakup of a relationship and the person who had been your best friend is someone you no longer know. They have become a stranger to you. Modulated vocals float over the background of percussion-soaked electronic instruments, giving it a retro 80s feel that we can’t get enough of.

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