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My Ten Plus Years Of Loving Mayday Parade Ten Best Of List

Ever since they released their debut full-length album, A Lesson In Romantics, I have been a fan of Mayday Parade. Lyrically, the band can pull at your heartstrings… Or break your heart with their tragic tunes of breakups. Who hasn’t cried while listening to Miserable at Best or Terrible Things?. However, the band is also one of the most positive bands I know. Concerts are spent letting young listeners know that they are ok for being different and that they are never alone if they just take a look around them. 

I have seen them in concert many times. Sometimes as just a spectator and sometimes in the photo pit trying to get pictures of the band as crowd surfers fly over the railing where we stand. It is always one of my favorite live shows, as not only is the crowd having a good time, but the band is also.

About two years ago, I had the honor of meeting the band. I say honor because after ten years of listening and watching Mayday, it seemed almost surreal to actually be working with them. The guys were kind and appreciative of me and all of their fans. I really feel like that day, was the one that you kind of feel like “hey, I have made it.”

This is usually a five favorite post, but due to being such a huge Mayday fan, it crept into being a top 10! (I could have easily just posted ALL of Lessons in Romantics but I didn’t). So join in and listen to my favorites and be sure to let me know what your favorites are by dropping us a comment!

10- Black Cat


Off their debut full length A Lesson In Romantics which was released in 2007. It may not be one of their most popular songs, but it is so great live and always gets the crowd singing as well as surfing

9- One Of Them Will Destroy The Other


From their Black Lines album, which was their fifth album, and released in late 2015. Black Lines is more raw and gritty than the previous albums, Derek Sanders proves he can hang with any emo/ hard pop-punk band when it comes to screaming lyrics

8- Sorry Not Sorry


From their  fourth album, Monsters In The Closet , which was released in in 2013. Best line in the song “And I’d lay down my coat so you could walk all over it just like you do me

7- When You Get Home You’re So Dead


Another song from their debut, A Lesson In Romantics. Yes, it is another breakup song, but far from their usual sappy sad ones, this song is savage AF.

6- Pieces of Your Heart


Their newest album Sunnyland is their sixth studio album. Sunnyland seems to combine the rawness of Black Lines and the more emotion-filled songs from earlier Mayday, giving it a perfect middle ground for all their fans. Pieces of Your Heart is one of those that could easily have been on an early Mayday album. A friend of ours said it was like they started writing it during Lessons, and didnt get it finished until recently

5- Jamie All Over


Another fromA Lesson In Romantics. Jamie All Over was actually written by former lead singer Jason Lancaster and performed by his first band  Kid Named Chicago. It is one of those songs that you scream along with when you hear it live.

4- The Memory


This song was actually an iTunes bonus track with their second album Anywhere But Here and released in 2009. Another heartbreak track, with the line “Take My Heart as you’re leaving, I don’t need it anymore”.

3- I Swear This Time I Mean It


Another song from their Sophomore album, Anywhere But Here. Yes, it is another sappy love song but isn’t that what we turn to Mayday for? This song is one of the few songs I fall asleep to, my personal little lullaby with just Sanders and his acoustic guitar- which is the best combo ever.

2- Miserable At Best


Again from their debut A Lesson In Romantics. Probably one of their best-known songs. Derek Sanders shares vocals with Jason Lancaster on the album and video, even though he ( Lancaster )had left the band by the time the album was released. On a personal note, in 2010 Mayday headlined a Fearless Friends Tour with support from Breathe Carolina, Every Avenue, Artist vs Poet, and Go Radio which I attended. During the time that Mayday sang Miserable At Best  Jason Lancaster came up on stage (he was there with his band Go Radio) and sang his part on the song, which was a real treat to us fans. The line “And the hardest part of living is just taking breaths to stay” is a favorite lyric of mine, and tattoo worthy.

1- Terrible Things


Just when you think Miserable At Best was their saddest song, they release Terrible Things on their Valdosta EP in 2011. Which is one of my favorites, as it is almost an acoustic album. My favorite lyric in the song, “Too young to notice and too dumb to care .
Mayday has also been on several of the Punk Goes Pop albums, two of their best covers were Gotye’s Someone I use to Know  on #5 and In My Head which was on #3 

An interesting bit of trivia about the band… In 2006  the band followed around the Warped Tour selling their EP Tales Told To Dead Friends to the concert goers to get their name out there, a year later in 2007 they began officially touring with Warp.


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