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New Band Alert: The Sulks Bring Beautiful Harmonies in Their Debut Single, “Told Ya”

Sometimes in the music world, the stars, the moon, and all the galaxies line up just perfectly bringing together a group of guys ( or girls ) who seemed destined to become something. This seems to have happened at some point in 2016, in the suburbs of Swindon, where James Cumner, Rhys Bury, Sam Rose, and Charlie Skeates picked up their instruments and decided to form The Sulks.

It has been a long time since someone we knew hit us up and said “hey, hey we have this new band we want you to listen to” and upon hearing it, been blown away by what we heard. The very first listen of Told Ya, did just that. Blew us away.

Told Ya does not sound like a band’s debut, it is much more polished than that. It sounds like  The Sulks have been playing and writing together for years. The track starts with a single strum of a guitar, then the emotionally rich vocals of Rhys Bury hits. Once you get to the 0:20-second mark, the real magic starts. James Cumner chimes in with his stratospheric backing vocals. Sam and Charlie strike up their instruments and it becomes almost symphonic. Rhys and James’ vocal harmonizing is some of the best I have heard in an indie band. It brings layers of depth to Told Ya. The bridge in the middle is an echoing splendor that harkens back to The Grateful Dead but if I had to pick a favorite moment in the song, I would say it was in the last 26-seconds when Rhys and James vocals just bounce back and forth off of each other alone.

While I do think that in Told Ya, it is the vocals that make this song, I have to say the instrumentation is almost poetic as it flows gracefully throughout the song. It’s subtly timed so well, you’d hardly notice it.

Take a listen to Told Ya below:



A friend of mine, who I often discuss music with, listened to it as I was writing this and her words exactly “OK. That was really sexy.” I will admit, we might be a bit obsessed! The Sulks have great things in store for them, they are not some one-hit wonder band. I have heard more of their work and it just keeps getting better. I urge you if you are in the UK, to get out to Fieldview Festival on August 3-6th and support these guys and tell them The GATRS (and AMERICA) are waiting for them!

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