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New music for Thursday featuring Honestly, Ron Hawkins and The Do Good Assassins, The Only Ocean, Christian French and Major Moment

Honestly ” 7/13 “

Remember the thrill of your first date with someone? Honestly’s new song 7/13 explores the feelings of the excitement. The song is the second drop from the East coast duo’s newly released debut album Inside Your Eyes, Without You Beside Me. Sunny bright synths and strong vocals make this song fun and will definitely bring on the summer vibes.

Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins ” Teenage Insurrection ”

Canada’s Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins are releasing a new album titled 246 this August and we are getting a hint of the sound with first single Teenage Insurrection. The song is a blues-infused treat meant to be played loud. So grab a beer and put it on your next summer party playlist and watch the crowd get up and moving.

The Only Ocean ” Watch It Fall ”

LA’s The Only Oceans have released a new single Watch It Fall. The song which is about the struggles you have inside your head is full of fizzy Indie feels and loads of rock and roll energy. The accompanying video shows a live performance that heightens the energy of the song.

Christian French ” make or break up “

Christian French is back with a new single make or break up, which is the story of a rocky relationship. Written from the heart and real-life experiences, the song is honest and relatable with emotional vocals and a sultry background of instrumentation

Major Moment ” The Flood “

Boston based Major Moment dropped a new single titled The Flood recently. The song is inspired by a French proverb  “Après nous, le déluge” which translated means, “After us, the flood.” the band says that the story of the proverb is important because it signifies that after those in power leave, there is no concern for the rest left behind. The song is an explosive anthem of strength and we love the strong female-led vocals.

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