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New Music Monday featuring music from Caleb Peters, Brightside, Saint Nomad, Moontower, and PELA

Caleb Peters ” Carousel “

At just 16 years old, Detroit’s Caleb Peters is destined for a bright future in music, the singer-songwriter released new single Carousel on Friday. It’s a story ” about having a relationship with someone where you know you feel the same but you can never seem to make it work. you wish everything would just work out like you both want it to, but it’s never that simple.” The song is full of spiky synths and is highlighted by Peters fluid vocals

Brightside ” aftr mdnght “

We love the lyrics on Brightside’s newest single aftr mdnght. Relatable things like “I’m just another call you’re making after midnight” andyou only call me when you get drunk No one wants to be a booty call, especially if you have heavy feelings for the person abusing your love. The song’s sprawling electronic background lets the smooth vocals shine.

Saint Nomad ” Nothing To Lose “

Saint Nomad is giving us a bit of positivity for this unprecedented time with their new song Nothing To Lose that tells us “There’s a reason. There’s a purpose. There’s a plan in motion that I know will all be worth it. To be honest with you, I’ve got nothing to lose.” The pop track is accessible, radio-friendly, and catchy and needs to land on your playlist.

Moontower ” Got My Way “

Speaking of catchy songs, one listen to LA-based Moontower’s new single Got My Way and I was hooked. Lead singer Jacob said that the song was written after his mother had a heart attack and deals with “ the regrets I would have had if we had lost her that day, ” He hopes the song will remind us that we need to not take people we love for granted and to tell them we love them. Upbeat with a big dose of pop, we think this is a keeper

Pela ” You Got Me “

Taking a more smooth and slow approach to their pop style, North London duo PELA has dropped their debut track You Got Me. Hannah Coombes honeyed vocals are a big highlight on this new track along with its sun-drenched guitar lines and piano sequences. We re looking forward to more of PELA in the future

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