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New Music Monday featuring: Safetalk, Harry Jay Steele, Radoz, and MaWayy

Safetalk ” Static “

Safetalk which is  Berlin-based English singer David Harks and Parisian producers Hugues Tonnet & Thomas Desnoyers have released the title track to their debut EP Static.  The song is almost hypnotic in its electronic beats that are mind altering and hypnotic like a heartbeat.

Harry Jay Steele ” Ancient Waves “

Ancient Waves is the first single to be released from Harry Jay Steele’s upcoming second Ep Can You Hear Us Now, which will drop 7th December. The song includes restrained precussion and finely calibrated guitar that is both mesmerizing and relaxing. 
Harry explains his inspiration behind the haunting ‘Ancient Waves’ “This track came from a conversation with a friend about relationships; experiencing wave-like pulls towards certain people, sometimes you can see them on the horizon, rolling in slowly or they can come out of nowhere and surprise you. Their force can be incredibly intense pushing and pulling you in unknown directions. Then, some die out completely while others recede to the backwaters, staying with you but may rise again”.

Unbloom ” Lost Myself “

No Monday morning playlist would be complete without a bit of pop music to get you up and going. Unbloom, aka Jonathan Zarola is helping us get over the Monday blues with his newet single Lost Myself. Full of fast and funky beats, it will have you dancing at your desk.

Radoz ” Over You”
“She be on my ass like the IRS, I don’t take no Ls I don’t give an F, no

Tired of your talkbacks ‘Cuz I’m so over you”

With some of the best lyrics I have heard in awhile Radoz’s newest single, Over You, is the break up song  of the year. in speaking about the song Radoz says ” Over You is about me getting completely sucked into a crazy relationship, but thankfully I can think smarter now, better now. I can’t wait to unleash this song both online and on stage.”  Pretty positive this will show up on a playlist when GATRS hit the road again.

MaWayy ” Blame “

Electronic duo MaWayy have released their second single Blame. Full of electronic effects, powerful vocals, it builds to an explosion of pounding beats that will make Blame an instant clubbing hit.

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