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New Music Monday featuring: Sarpa Salpa, Fialta, Magic Bronson,Kidgloves, Jackii Kennedy, and Benedict Cork

Sarpa Salpa ” Stick To What You Know”

Northampton UK indie-pop band Sarpa Salpa is back with a brand new single “ Stick To What You Know ” The new single takes on the subject of defying the pressures of traditional career choices and doing something you love. It is spikey and addicting with driving guitars, soaring synths, and great vocal delivery, that will have you dancing and forgetting it is a Monday!

Fialta ” Omg “

SoCal Indie-rock band Fialta has released its third single ” Omg “ from their upcoming full length which is slated to drop sometime later this year. “Omg ” starts a bit slow with smooth vocals and some great backing vocals then crashes in with some great guitar-driven rock instrumentation before switching over to female vocals. The single is fun, catchy, and addicting.

Magic Bronson ” I Don’t Know Man “

LA duo Matt Lieberman and Michael Nicastro perform as Magic Bronson and they have just released a new banger titled I Don’t Know Man. The new single is full of kick-ass frenzied synth lines and dirty guitars, it is full throttle energy from the first keystroke and oh so danceable. You will find I Don’t Know Man on their upcoming full-length SWEAT.

Kidgloves ” Satellite ” ( ft Emily Brimlow )

Producer/songwriter Cody Aledia who performs under the moniker kidgloves borrowed his name from his favorite childhood band Rush, but don’t think that you will be hearing 70’s rock from Aledia, it is far from that. His new single Satellite, which features Emily Brimlow, began when he and friends were being nostalgic over the past. The combination of the two vocals are perfection and are backed with a steady drumbeat that drives you to the end of the song. This is a must on any new playlist you are making.

Jackii Kennedy ” The Zone “

Releasing her third single of the year, The Zone, Jackii Kennedy calls it the perfect driving song. Kennedy’s husky voice is the star of the song, smooth and soothing it pulls you in quickly and is highlighted more by the background of addicting drum beats and electronic touches.

Benedict Cork ” Wild One “

London Based singer-songwriter Benedict Cork has been releasing tracks from his latest EP Piano Tapes II since June, and now he has shared the final one with us titled Wild One. I love any song with a piano, so I was naturally drawn to Wild One and its story of letting go. The song draws you in the second you hear Cork’s emotive voice, it is soon followed by his expert piano playing that at times is barely there in the background. This is beauty and heartbreak dancing together in a song.

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